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Introduction of Ningbo Kaijiang Electric: What are the precautions for the safe use of electric oil pumps?


Introduction of Ningbo Kaijiang Electric: What are the precautions for the safe use of electric oil pumps?

       1. In addition to complying with this instruction, the electric oil pump shall strictly comply with the relevant regulations of GB3883.1-83 "Technical Regulations for the Safe Management, Use, Inspection and Maintenance of Hand-held Electric Tools".

       2. What is the rated value within the voltage range of the electric oil well pump? 0% can be used.

       3. The electric oil well pump should avoid the electric stage and water and oil in the place where electric stage is installed. When using this pump, do not damage the electric stage, and avoid oil and water contact with electrical parts such as motor switches.

       4. To prevent the electric oil pump from starting suddenly, the switch should be in the "off" (ie press-in) state before the power is turned on.

       5. Do not abuse the power cord of the electric oil pump, and do not extend or change the power cord arbitrarily. Do not pull the power cord to scratch, cut or crush.

       6. The electric oil pump is explosion-proof. When replacing the electric brush or repairing, pay special attention to the explosion-proof surface of the explosion-proof parts so that it can not damage the hair. When repairing or replacing the brushes, the motor should be turned on to clean the inner cavity carbon powder, oil rot, etc.

       7. Proper use of hand. There is no plug at one end of the power cord of this pump. The user chooses the appropriate plug. There are two sides and three points of special attention:

       A. If plugs and sockets are used in explosive and flammable sound grounds, they must comply with explosion-proof plugs and sockets. Set in a normal place away from explosive and flammable sites, 220V5A three-pin plugs can be used, and one of the long legs is the grounding pin.

       B. No matter what kind of plug is used, it must be reliably grounded. The yellow-green core wire at one end of the power cord is the grounding wire. When the connection is properly done, check whether the metal casing of the pump is electrically connected to the contact pin. The resistance should not be greater than 1 Omu.

       8. Prohibited places: It cannot be used in special environments such as wet, wind and snow and corrosive gas places.

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