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Ningbo Kaijiang Electric reproduces the car air pump, why is it called a car maintenance expert?


Ningbo Kaijiang Electric reproduces the car air pump, why is it called a car maintenance expert? The 13th China (Guangzhou) Automobile Exhibition opened on November 20 at the Pazhou Complex of the Canton Fair. At this auto show, Cheshenbang, as a specially invited car network media, set up a special booth in the 1.1 media area to create a feast of "automobile interactive ecosystem".

       Presumably you thought that the keyboard brother will tell the scene of the feast in the media area of ​​the car god list, then you are wrong. In this year's auto show, Cheshenbang not only has a special booth in the 1.1 media area, but also set up a booth on the theme of car maintenance in the 10.2 Auto Life Hall. Next, Brother Keyboard will take you to the Cheshenbang theme booth in the Auto Life Pavilion, and follow the experts' footsteps to discuss the views of Cheshenbang-"The air pump is a maintenance expert-keeping the tire pressure normal is the basic step of car maintenance. ."

       Is the air pump really that important? With this question in mind, we invited Mr. Pang Zhaohui, Dean of Handa Automotive College, to answer this question for us.

       "Dean Pang, I used to think that air pumps are not necessary for automobiles. I may not use them once or twice a month. I wondered how the manufacturers who specialize in the production of air pumps can survive. But I found out that the air pump manufacturers Sales have been steadily rising, why?"

       Dean Pang: "Because their products are mainly sold abroad. In foreign countries, when many models leave the factory, the air pump is standard, just like the car warning triangle is standard. For example, Cayenne and Audi Q5 are standard. Equipped with a car air pump. The situation of domestic and foreign car owners is different. For example, if a car owner in a developed city in China finds that they are out of gas, they will directly find a repair shop to refill or repair a tire. Therefore, people in developed cities feel that there are not too many air pumps. necessary."

       Dean Pang: "This is the case in developed cities. For some economically underdeveloped areas, air pumps are necessary. It is not easy for them to find repair shops, so there is an air pump, which is very convenient when the tires are flat."

       Dean Pang talked eloquently, "We have held a car maintenance seminar before, and talked about some small maintenance problems that we encounter daily. It is free, but many people are reluctant to take the time to listen. Why? Because they all think that I Something went wrong with their car, broke down, or a tire burst. They just need to call for rescue and it doesn’t matter if you spend some money. In fact, Chinese car owners shouldn’t have this mentality. They should learn from foreigners and do it by themselves. Deal with some simple maintenance failures."

       "For the car god list," the air pump is a car maintenance expert. Keeping the tire pressure normal is the basic step of car maintenance! "What do you think?"

       Dean Pang: "I personally think that this point of view put forward by the car god list is from the perspective of people and car maintenance, and pragmatically considers the importance of tire pressure in the car. It also proves that the tire pressure is normal. The basic steps of car maintenance. As far as personal life is concerned, daily commuting, tyre maintenance and normal tire pressure are related to my driving safety, which is what we should pay attention to at all times when we use the car. Therefore, I agree with the car god list This point of view is raised, and I also hope that Cheshenbang will regularly share some important points with you."

       "Thank you Dean Pang for sharing and affirming this view of our Cheshenbang"

After listening to Dean Pang’s analysis and sharing, we believe that an air pump is needed in the car. In daily tire maintenance, you need to check the air pressure. Because the tire pressure changes with the weather, it expands and contracts with heat, so it is convenient to check the tire pressure through an air pump, and to inflate or deflate the tire.

       A thousand miles begins with a single step. Tires are equivalent to the feet of a car. If they are not well maintained, these feet will not function properly. A little carelessness will affect driving safety. The emergence of vehicle-mounted air pumps plays a vital role in the daily maintenance of tires.

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