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Ningbo Kaijiang introduces how to choose the right car air pump for your car


       Ningbo Kaijiang introduces how to choose the right car's on-board air pump. Drivers who often drive on the road have ever encountered the embarrassing situation of insufficient tire pressure and no inflation point in the wilderness? For this reason, many car owners will carry an on-board air pump with the car so that it can be used at any time. At present, there are many brands of car air pumps on the market, and the quality is uneven. How to choose a car air pump?

       1. Check whether the accessories of the air pump are complete. At present, the high-quality vehicle-mounted air pumps on the market are not only equipped with the main engine air pump, but also equipped with many other practical accessories according to the needs of the use, which are convenient to provide other assistance when refilling the tires, such as lighting flashlights or lights, and various Inflatable nozzles, inflatable tubes of various models, and some will be equipped with tools for car repairs, etc.

       2. Secondly, choose according to the model and needs. At present, car air pumps can be divided into two types, namely horizontal bars and parallel bars. The disadvantages of general horizontal bar car air pumps are insufficient air pressure and long inflation time. It is more difficult to inflate a larger car, but the price will be cheaper. Although the air pump of the parallel bars is slightly more expensive, it has sufficient air pressure and fast inflation. No matter it is an ordinary small car for family use, or a large commercial vehicle or off-road vehicle, there is no problem in inflating.

       3. The accuracy of the tire pressure gauge. In order to make the data more accurate and stable during inflation, the accuracy of the tire pressure gauge cannot be ignored. In the past, the old tire pressure gauge used the model of separating the meter and the machine, and the data accuracy was poor. At present, the big brand tire pressure gauges use an embedded one. The design can avoid the impact and loosening of the tire pressure gauge, resulting in inaccurate measurement data.

       4. The length of the battery clip. When buying an air pump, pay attention to the length of the battery clamp cable, so as not to inflate the rear tire due to insufficient cable length when inflating outdoors, especially for 7-seater cars or other slightly larger vehicles.

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